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Cashless payment at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center

As of January 1, 2019, HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center has become completely cash-free. The use of the HelloPay “Cashless system”, which had already been in use in selected areas, will be extended across the entire territory. The system can therefore be used by visitors to pay with a touch-to-pay bank card or HelloPay card in lieu of cash for event entry tickets and parking, as well as to shop at dining areas at the location. Click HERE for more information about about the HelloPay card.

VITICULTURE and VINICULTURE 23-26 January 2019


Hungary's only exhibition specialised in wine-growing and wineries held simultaneously with Hungarian Garden exhibition and Hungary's market leading agricultural exhibition AGROmashEXPO and AgrargepShow.

The theme of the exhibition covers the whole manufacturing process, every product, technology and related services are presented in the exhibition with wineries too. In recent years, also appeared those companies whose engaged in the production and distribution of tools for making pálinka. For the visitors the exhibition presents the latest trends, development with the help of prominent winemakers.

Record number of visitors in 2018

Constantly growing projects and a dynamic technological development - these are the characteristics of Hungarian agriculture, and this optimism was reflected in the recently completed exhibition, which has completed with a record-high turnout. Over 350 exhibitors presented across 40,000 square meters at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Centre, coupled with the Hungarian Garden and Viticulture and Viniculture exhibitions.